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Everything Leans

"Deep is this dependent origination, and deep its appearance."

"Whoever sees dependent origination sees the Dharma;
whoever sees the Dharma sees dependent origination."

- Buddha [MN:28, DN:15]



Many of our retreats and events are transitioning online. If an event does not declare it's location as online, then we are waiting to see if it can still happen in person.
The location is the last piece of information before the link to the event.


May 25 - 29

Waking the Heart, Expanding the World

Life is always uncertain, but these days it’s profoundly and clearly felt. When we meet this, we may shut down, become stressed, or seek distraction. This is understandable, yet it leads us away from well-being. Dharma teachings and practices offer us a wise alternative, and can be a great resource for meeting life well. On this retreat we’ll uncover ways to support spaciousness and intimacy, resilience and sensitivity, and open the range of possibilities to live from a more free and expansive heart.

With Nathan Glyde & Zohar Lavie
Online with Gaia House

June 3

The Peace of A Boundless Heart

Meditation Evening.

With Nathan Glyde
Online with Copenhagen Insight

June 7 - 12

Coming to Life

One week silent meditation retreat.

With Nathan Glyde & Zohar Lavie
Online with Nirodha

July 11 - 18 –– Dates may change

Bright Mind Open Heart

Silent retreat exploring vipassanā and mettā meditation as ways of meeting our life that bring clarity and joy.

With Nathan Glyde
Online with Meditace Vhledu Brno

August 24 - 30

Meditation and Inquiry

Exploring wisdom practices that nourish body-mind for the journey towards our “sure heart’s release”.

With Zohar Lavie & Laura Bridgeman
Online with Freely Given Retreats

September 5

Meditation Days

One-day meditation retreat in Sheffield.

With Zohar Lavie
Sheffield, UK

September 11 - 12

City Retreat

Two non-residential practice days in Tel Aviv.

With Zohar Lavie
Devon, UK

October 4 - 10

Insight Meditation Retreat

Seeing deeply into life.

With Zohar Lavie & Keren Arbel
Devon, UK

October 14 - 25

Being Peace Work Retreat

Being Peaceful in the Middle East conflict. Bringing the skills of deep listening and wise action to support Palestinians and Israelis dedicated to non-violence transform their lives.

With Nathan Glyde & Zohar Lavie
Israel and Palestine

October 30 - 31

Being Peace Weekend

Being Peaceful in the midst of the Israel-Palestine conflict, supporting Palestinians and Israelis dedicated to peace.

With Nathan Glyde & Zohar Lavie
Israel and Palestine

December 11 - 17

Metta and Insight

Seeing deeply into our hearts.

With Nathan Glyde & Zohar Lavie
Devon, UK


January 5, 2021 - February 2, 2021

Anandwan Leprosy Community 

Silent & Work Retreats

Living and working in a vibrant able-disabled community while exploring our own hearts and what connects us to each other.

With Nathan Glyde & Zohar Lavie