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"Deep is this dependent origination, and deep its appearance."

"Whoever sees dependent origination sees the Dharma;
whoever sees the Dharma sees dependent origination."

- Buddha [MN:28, DN:15]


We have numerous resources to support your practice of dependent origination:

The PDF files linked below are the daily suggestions we put up during our retreats. They are listed in the order that we would likely post them on the noticeboard. We hope they will be helpful, both for people wishing to be reminded of their retreat experience, or for those looking to connect with meditation for the first time.

Meditation Suggestions from Silent Retreats

Below we have a range of suggestions that can be used to develop connection while being relatively still. These are fully suited to try out on your own, but do be aware that meditation is often most easily accessed in a group setting. For greater support look for meditation retreats or groups in your area. Meditation groups are often called sitting groups (even though you don't have to be sitting to meditate) and they usually meet once a week in order to practice together.
If you have any difficulty with any of the practices please don't despair, it isn't easy. Slowly, slowly we can only get better. Be aware of what you are doing; because you are going to get good at it

You can read the files online by following the links below. If you want to download one "right-click" and choose to Save As, alternatively open the page and save it from there.

Silent or Solitary Retreat Suggestions:

Introduction to Retreat, Meditation and Practice
What Happens on a Silent Meditation Retreat
What is Meditation?
Mindfulness is Kindfulness
The Five Hindrances

Flow of Instructions for the Silent Retreat
Mindfulness of Breathing Long and Deep
Responding to the Unpleasant with Kindness
Mindfulness of Breathing Short and Subtle
Vedana - the hedonic classification of contact
Attentive with the Ephemeral
Uncontracted with the Unsatisfactory
Not Me, Not Mine, Not Myself

Mettā Practice - Guidelines and Instructions for Goodwill
Karuṇā Practice - Guidelines and Instructions for Compassion
Muditā Practice - Guidelines and Instructions for Joy
Upekkhā Practice - Guidelines and Instructions for Equanimity

General Information
Beginning Well - Practising Samatha-Vipassana (Vibrant Tranquility and Wise Insights) in Daily Life
Sitting, Lying, Walking and Standing Postures and Suggestions for Attention
Being Mindful of the Mind
Being Appropriate
The Value of Attention
Meeting Well –– The Art of Not Firing (more) Arrows of Dukkha
8 Fold Path of Wisdom, Compassion, & Cultivation

Physical Exercise
Morning Exercise Reminders


Meditation Suggestions from Work Retreats

On our sister organisation SanghaSeva's work retreats they offer guidance around ways of working and communicating that are conducive to a feeling of connection to oneself, one's fellow human beings, and ultimately to all of nature and life.

You can read the files online by following the links below. If you want to download one "right-click" and choose to Save As, alternatively open the page and save it from there.

Working and Interacting Retreat Suggestions:

Working Wisely
Wise Communication
Wise & Virtuous Speech

Bringing it All on to the Path
8 Fold Path

Written by Nathan Glyde